Something Missing at Tussey

By: Caleb Sopher—(grade 10)—

Is there something missing at Tussey? Of course there is, it’s a boys’ volleyball team! 

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In all the years Tussey has been a school, there has never been a boy’s volleyball team. Matthew McCahan, the athletic director said, “Generally schools our size don’t have enough enrollment to have a boy’s volleyball team.”  A possible way we can get a boys’ team at Tussey is to combine with another school, such as Northern Bedford High School, in the same way we’ve pooled resources for a golf team. 

Interest is another big factor in why there is no volleyball team. Mr. McCahan has said that there has not been interest in starting a boys team. He specified that no one had ever questioned the lack of a boys’ volleyball team.

An informal survey shows some sophomores and freshmen like the idea. If you are a current student at Tussey Mountain High School you can take the survey below to show your interest in organizing boys volleyball as a club or a sport.

Tussey students can take Volleyball Survey here.

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