Stepping Back in Time to the Renaissance

By: Alivia Melius—(grade 12)—

Nick Collare and Kaegan Thompson show off the goodies they bought on the streets.
Photo by: Alivia Melius

Huzzah! Tussey Mountain High School’s Lords and Ladies Club traveled back in time–and to Manheim, Pennsylvania–for their annual Renaissance Faire field trip on Wednesday, October 10, 2019. Lords and Ladies Club is an organization at Tussey under adviser/teacher Casey Flaherty. The club focuses on learning about the history that is generally set in the Middle Ages. One of the club’s main features is visiting the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

There are many sights and attractions to engage in at the event. One of the most noteworthy aspects of the faire is the food. “I had poutine, a Canadian food,” said junior Mara Fluke, “It’s like fries with gravy and cheese curds.’ Many shops are located throughout the area of the faire as well, which include various medieval themed items available for purchase. I got a windchime and an ocarina,” said junior Brooke Notestine, “[When visiting the Renaissance Faire,] just look around and see what you like. Once you’re done looking, go back [later] to those items you really wanted and purchase them.” There are shows and reenactments throughout the day to watch as well. “I watched the ‘Irish Revelers’ show,” said senior Ty McIntyre , “It was like a musical. They were singing a lot of Irish music. It was really funny.” The actors and actresses at the Renaissance Faire are all dressed up, speaking with accents to fit their roles, and the visitors can get in on the fun as well. “I dressed as a naiad,” said McIntyre, “I think mythical stuff is really interesting.” Sophomore Bradley Spitler came dressed as a plague doctor.

The day always comes to a close with the excitement of the joust. This year, the setting in which the event took place was England in 1558, at the beginning of Queen Elizabeth I’s reign. “I watched the joust, but my favorite part is always when they bust out the explosives,” said senior Kaegan Thompson, “There’s something exciting about seeing a fifty feet tall fire cloud.”

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