Voice of the Titans

By: Colton Butler—(grade 9)–

The Voice of the Tussey Mountain Titans is Mr. Christopher Carrier; he became the voice of the Titan’s when the last announcer resigned about 8 years ago. Carrier explains he became the announcer because he felt “there needed to be a little more spice added to the game after the last announcer quit.” 

Mr. Casey Flaherty and Mr. Bob Hummel scout plays for Mr. Carrier at a Tussey Mountain football game

The hardest part of being the Voice of the Titans is “trying to find who the person that carries the ball or whoever tackles the players that [has] the ball.” So he has to have a whole team of people in the booth to scout for him.  There are at least 4 or 5 additional people in the booth with him, such as Mr. Hummel, Mr. States, Mr. Conley, and Mr. Flaherty. Carrier explains, “It is a responsibility to call out the players names; it is also not really hard because I have a really great team of helpers.”  These helpers keep track of the plays and the players involved, sometimes using binoculars. They relay the information to Carrier to be announced. 

“It is a huge honor to be the Voice Of The Titans,” states Carrier. “I can spread my energy to the crowd during the game.”

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