Tussey students find good experience at Bedford County Choir

By: Ruthie Saylor (grade 8)

Through Sarah Johnson’s choir class, Tussey students came together in harmony for the Bedford County Choir. On October 24th through the 25th County Choir had taken place at Bedford Area High School. Those attending included 12 students from Tussey Mountain Middle School and their choir director Sarah Johnson.

 At 8:00, the students and director left Tussey Mountain High School and embarked on the long bus ride to Bedford Area High School. When the students arrived they got their music and voices ready and began learning the arrangements.

“It’s really fun because you get to meet a bunch of new people,” said 9th grader Danika Black. “Meeting the guest director was really fun, [because] you don’t know who it is until you get there.”

“I felt like the odd one out [as the only boy from Tussey] because we had to sit in tables separated by different schools, so I was the only boy sitting there, but it was fun,” said 7th grader Noah Peck

 The students gathered with the other schools in Bedford County, and learned each song one by one not starting the next song until the one they were working on was finished. After each break, the director Mr. John Briggs told a story about his experience and music history in general. 

In total, all the students learned eight melodies directed by Mr. John Briggs. The arrangements include “Music of The Night,” “Sanctus,” “The Poet Sings, Oh Music,” “All Things Perish,” “Keep Your Lamps,” “Homeward Bound” and “The Rose.” Then the pupils left Bedford Area High School at 4:00pm and returned to their own school.

 The next morning, they headed to the school again to practice and learn the music until dinner. After all the students ate dinner, they warmed up their voices in the cafeteria and made sure all their music for the concert was in order. They lined  up in order, and waited for it to be time to start the concert. At 7:00p, the students walked silently to the aisle right next to the audience and started the concert. After the concert ended Mr. Briggs said kind words about the students that will settle in their hearts forever. And like that, the two days ended along with County Choir, until next year when the time comes again.

“The people there were really nice,” Noah Peck said. 

Eighth grader Alyssa Horton said, “It was really fun and a great experience, and was worth the time put into it.”

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