Lifting up the Titans

By:  Colton Bishop (grade 10)

In the month of October the Tussey Mountain Football team got a new weight room. The weight room wasn’t in the best of condition originally. A few of the weight bars were bent and some of the weight benches were leaning to the sides. The new equipment now in the weight room includes “new bars, dumbbells, full racks, and all purpose equipment,” said head coach Anthony Sottasante. Sottasante went on to explain, “It was my idea. We needed the new weight room to be more functional as well as a safer environment.”

Both the school district and the Titan Football Booster Club pitched in to fund the new equipment in the weight room. In addition to the new equipment, the Titans also got new football lockers. With the lockers, every player will have their very own locker and a chair in front of their locker. With the new lockers it is less cramped and there is a whole lot more space. Senior running back Tyler Rhodes feels it was a big change for the Titans and went on to explain, “I feel it is definitely gonna help change the environment from our past seasons. We now have better and more useful equipment which is absolutely going to help out the future team of Tussey.”

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