Shortage of tickets or PRIDE?

By Caleb Sopher

Shortage of PRIDE tickets have caused an uproar among ticketless students. 

Ronald (RJ) Zelenko, who is also involved in PRIDE, said,”I got invited to be a part of PRIDE.” Even though he is in PRIDE he has said that he does not get more PRIDE tickets. RJ explained that students spend their tickets on the pride store and waste the tickets on basic candy or soda. Spending too many PRIDE tickets means you haven’t saved to get into incentives throughout the year.

Mrs. Snyder gives Faith Brown a PRIDE ticket which she will add to her stash of tickets, while Zach Clippinger holds the only ticket he has earned over the last month. Photo Credit: Mackenzie Droll

There are two sides of the coin in this matter.  Owen Harclerode, a sophomore, doesn’t get PRIDE tickets regularly. He says, “I’m good most of the time,” and follows PRIDE. In his opinion, more often than not, challenging students get more PRIDE tickets than more disciplined students. Tiffany Black another sophomore gets a lot of PRIDE tickets. She says, “I get about 2 or 3 tickets a month.” She also sees challenging kids get more tickets than more disciplined kids, but she says that it makes them better people. This shows that when kids  are rewarded their mindsets are influenced, and they tend to follow the rules. She thinks the whole PRIDE organization is “not bad; it does get people to act better.” The common belief is “students who act difficult get more PRIDE tickets than discipline students who follow PRIDE.”  

Mrs Elder, the Biology teacher, says that even though she knows some students better than others, she doesn’t give them PRIDE tickets over others. When deciding on circumstances  to give students PRIDE tickets, Mrs Elder explained, “I obviously look for students who show PRIDE, but I also look for students who are showing PRIDE and are more of the quiet type.” The evidence I explored  shows that Tussey students are not using a consistent behavior, but they are working towards a more prideful environment.

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