Concerts Ring in the Holiday Season

By:  Rylie Jacobs

On December 13th, at 7:00 PM, Tussey’s choir and bell choir students sang and played in their annual Christmas concert.

There has been a concert choir at Tussey since this school was first built in the 1960s, but the choir did shut down for quite some time. Choir teacher Sarah Johnson has worked here since 2008, and it started up again three to four years prior. The choir sings a variety of choral pieces. They typically sing some traditional music and some recent pop songs, and even songs from the Renaissance. “[Concert Choir]  has many advantages,” Johnson said. “[Concert Choir] brings out your innate musical talent, improves the way you hear music. It can make you more confident and gives you a sense of belonging.” 

This year, the choir sang a modern pop Christmas arrangement by Acapella group Pentatonix. They also sang, “He Is Born,” arranged by famous composer Dan Forest. 

Along with the choir performance, Tussey also hosted their Christmas  handbell choir concert the same evening.  

In 1994 the hand bell choir at Tussey Mountain was originally a section of the marching band. During home games, the marching band set up the hand bells at the old football field at Saxton Liberty. 

The bell choir requires 11 students for all three octaves of the bells. Bell choir instructor Bonnie Jenkins recommends bell choir to students because, “Everyone has their own part and they are all equally important. Students learn individual accomplishments and are responsible for their parts.” 

Both concerts were a success. “[The students] all stepped up to the plate,” Jenkins said, and did a great job.”

“I thought we had a wonderful performance,” Johnson said. “Many, many thanks to the performers for one of the more polished evening of chorus music I can remember. What a great concert!” 

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