Titans accept the challenge

By:  Trista Lemin

The Challenge Program made an appearance at Tussey Mountain High School for the 2019-2020 school year. “The Challenge Program mission is to build sustainable Business/ Education partnerships with introducing students to careers in their communities,” said Jason Donaldson, a representative from The Challenge Program. The Challenge Program has been going on at Tussey Mountain High School for about 5 years and originated in Johnstown. The group works all over the state of Pennsylvania. They chose Tussey Mountain because it is not far from Bedford, Pennsylvania. 

The Challenge Awards are given out to students in grades 10-12 for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), community service, improving scores and academic excellence. 

Carrie Masood and Jason Donaldson presented Challenge Awards to deserving Titans.  Front Row: Samatha Seace, Annie Feather, Makenna Weikel, Makayla Hinkel and Amelia Felty.  Back Row: Luke Hinish, Liam O’Hagan, Matthew Leonard, and Carleigh Ceglar.
Photo Credit: Chloe Ritchey

Nine students from Tussey Mountain received awards this year. Caitlin Ceglar, senior, and Makenna Weikel, junior, were recognized for their community service; MaKayla Hinkel, senior, and Samantha Seace, junior, got their awards for improving their scores; Juniors, Liam O’Hagan and Amelia Felty were awarded for academic excellence; and Luke Hinish, junior, received his award for STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. Many teenagers stay inside on their phones all day on Snapchat or Instagram. Most teens think that getting their snap score up, streaks, and followers are more important than helping around the house, but these students made an effort to help others.   

Junior Annie Feathers said, “[I got my attendance award because] I showed up to school every day. This was her first award from The Challenge Program.  Amelia Felty’s award for “Academic Excellence” was also her first award from the Challenge Program; “I am proud that I was given this award. I feel as though my hard work in school has been noticed and rewarded,” said Felty.

This year the Challenge Program presented a student of the year award to Cole Nickolls, from Ringgold High School. Cole Nickolls started his sophomore year feeling lost, but hard work earned him the title 2019 Student of the Year. “My life is forever changed from this program,” said Cole Nickolls. Each year a student has a chance to be a Student of the Year. Everyone can be successful in The Challenge Program. 

Just doing good things can earn students a reward. Could you accept the challenge? 

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