D5 Champs Recognized

By: Colton Bishop

In the month of January all the varsity football players got invited to a board meeting. At the meeting they presented the students of the month awards and towards the end of it the Titan football team got recognized for winning D5. We got called up one by one to be noticed and received our certificate of recognition. 

As a varsity football player, the best feeling is knowing that we have a whole community behind us. The feeling of having the fans/whole community behind our backs is very hard to describe. Seeing the younger ones happy and knowing that we’re bringing something so special back to our school. 

One of my favorite memories as a Titan football player is when we won. We all looked at each other and said we made it. Returning home from the game, seeing everyone filling up the side of the streets happy and excited that we won was a alot to take in as a player. One of my favorite things is when I walked into the gym and saw that we made it up on the football banner for winning District 5. 

 With the 2020-2021 season coming up, I’m excited to be with the upcoming varsity players. There is a lot of good talent we players have that doesn’t go to waste. We have a very good coaching staff that makes sure we’re giving it our all. The coaches that we have now are the best thing that has happened to our school. They push us to do our best and give 100 percent no matter what. They don’t just coach us as football players, they make us grow into respectable young men. I feel that if we all get into the weight room and push ourselves even more, we’ll be successful. As Coach S says, “today starts tomorrow”.

I’m really looking forward to getting back out on the field again, each year our brotherhood gets stronger and stronger. We all pushed each other at practice, especially if we see someone slacking and not getting it their all. We all stuck together, and we made great things happen. With the year coming up, I have big of shoes to fill as a starting QB. I am looking forward to leading the team to wins.  I’m looking forward to making great memories and putting more work in to make it to be D5 champs once again. 

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