Titan Mental Marathon

By:   Makenzie Droll

What a day! Students were busy on Thursday, January 23 attending their regular classes, posing for club pictures and running the Amazing Race.  The students had classes first and second periods, and at the beginning of the third period, the Sr. High (grades ten through twelve) started the Amazing Race, which lasted through fourth period.  The Jr. High’s Amazing Race was periods 7 and 8. Students who did not go to the Amazing Race attended class as they would any other day. 

Amanda Adams was one of the P.R.I.D.E. teachers who helped with setting up the different stations. The stations were located in the front, middle, and back hallways. The six different stations were math, trivia, building objective where they built structures with playing cards, physical objective the students went to the gym and played basketball, teacher trivia, Pictionary, and a memory game for the seventh through twelfth graders. There were twelve minutes allotted at each station per group. There were anywhere from five to eight members in a group. 

Freshmen Jazmine Santamaria and Mason Chilcote construct a card tower for the Titan Amazing Race. Photo Credit: Amelia Dibert

The students who chose to participate in the Amazing Race paid seven PRIDE tickets to Miss Adams or Mr. Flaherty. The students who did not go to the Amazing Race  had to go to their regular classes. The students formed their own teams and had to go around the school to complete riddles. Although it is called the Amazing Race, they could not run in the hallways to get to their next destination. 

Faith Brown, a tenth grader participating in the Amazing Race, won third place with her team. Brown’s group consisted of Kelsey Miller, Molly Molosky, Dalton Baker, Brooke Horton and Tanner McMurtrie. Brown and her group started in the back hall. “[We] were third place and didn’t timeout any of them,” says Brown. If the students timed out by not completing the task in 12 minutes, they had a two minute penalty. “The trivia and the math topic was [the hardest station for our group],” says Brown. The first place team for the Senior High included Chad Morningstar, Kaden Lucko, Nick Brumbaugh, Skyler Peck and Dawson Rightenour.  They walked away with Titan gear.

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