Titans come out of the shadows to learn about careers

By: Chloe Ritchey

On Monday, February 3, Mahala Scott along with the rest of the Tussey Mountain 8th grade class went job shadowing.  Each student was in charge of getting in touch with the person they wanted to shadow. Most people that the students chose to shadow “are close by or a relative,” explained junior high guidance counselor Ms. Taylor Shoemaker. 

Scott job shadowed Mr. Angelo at the elementary school.  Mr. Angelo teaches second grade. Scott picked Mr. Angelo to shadow “because he’s my little brother’s teacher.” Scott is thinking about being a teacher after high school. “I liked working with the little kids,” said Scott. After shadowing, Scott had to complete a packet with questions about the person that they job shadowed. When asking Mr. Angelo these questions Scott learned “that you need 180 [credit] hours every 5 years [to maintain a teaching license].” 

Eighth grade Titan, Abbie Saylor, consulted with art teacher, Adam Baughman, during her job shadowing experience at Tussey Mountain High School. Photo Credit: Amelia Dibert

Alyssa Horton is another 8th grader who participated in job shadowing on Monday. Horton shadowed Dr. Carlson from the Allegheny Vet Hospital in Mount Union. She chose Dr. Carlson to shadow because Horton would like to become a vet after she graduates school. During her time working, Horton learned that “helping people’s pets can be hard, especially when having to explain everything to them.” Even with these challenges, she still wants to be a vet because she “loves animals.” Horton’s favorite part of the day was “helping the vet perform surgeries and helping with appointments.”  

At the end of the day, both Horton and Scott had a good job shadowing experience and are both thinking of pursuing these jobs after school. 

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