New Teacher at Tussey Mountain

By: Rylie Jacobs

At Tussey Mountain we have a fantastic new teacher! Her name is Bethany Hershberger. She is an English teacher for seventh through twelfth grades. Before she came to teach at our school, she taught at Northern Middle School in North Carolina. She taught seventh and eighth grade at her old school. She then went to work for Med Express as a medical secretary in Pennsylvania, and she decided to become an English teacher.  When she was younger she found English to be really easy. She really loved writing stories, and she still does now.  

Bethany Hershberger

Hershberger says, “I would say I am a pretty easy going teacher,” although she would like to be more strict. She says that her three main rules for her classes are “students are to stay seated in their desk, not to talk while I am talking, and ask questions if you don’t understand.”

She decided to get into teaching because she loves the interactions with all of her students. Her least favorite thing about teaching is “grading!” Hershberger said. She explains she left her last job, “because I had my degree as a teacher, and I felt useless as a medical secretary.” Hershberger definitely likes this job way more than her last one.

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