A Student Perspective on Online Learning

By: Maranda Mutzabaugh 

Tussey Mountain Junior/Senior High School deals with Quarantine by having online classes so students can stay in  contact with their teachers and friends but also stay updated on their school work. 

Through social distancing Freshman Kevin States shares a picture of the calf he feeds.

Tussey Mountain Freshmen Kevin States says “I’ve been working on our family farm trying to keep myself busy.” He states that some of the responsibilities of living on a farm are “running equipment, mixing feed, feeding cows, planting seed, milking, cutting firewood, and many other things.”. While talking with Kevin States he says “I don’t like online school because it’s harder than I thought it would be because it’s not face to face with the teacher and to have knowledge right there with you to explain things; instead, you have your parents trying to help you.” When the school put out there that we were doing online school “I thought it would be okay but it’s actually harder than I thought it would be.” 

For the most part Tussey Mountain students are keeping themselves busy during quarantine, some like the time inside but Kevin say’s “I don’t like being in quarantine because it’s not fun and I love being outside.”

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