Covid-19 Affects Athletes

By: Colton Bishop

As a student, when I first heard about the Covid 19 I didn’t think much of it as a student, but now I’m learning more about it day by day and it’s a big deal. As a student athlete it’s not the thing that I wanted to see because you can’t have your track meets, baseball games, and softball games. As an athlete I look forward to those. I’d rather be at school with friends and making memories, but at the end of the day, this social distancing should help slow down the Covid-19. 

I feel bad for the senior athletes who don’t get to play their senior year as an spring athlete. The seniors lost their prom due to the whole Covid-19. As a football player I worry that there won’t be a football season next year if this doesn’t clear up soon. I really look forward to seeing my friends at school and especially those Friday night lights. 

While I’m self-quarating I’ve been spending time on my PS4 playing games with friends. I don’t go out that much like I used to on a normal spring day. My family and I spend our time watching movies on Disney Plus and playing board games to enjoy each other’s company. Doing school work at home is really cool and fun.  You work on your schedule, but you also know the due dates for your school work. While school was in session I didn’t really get to spend time with my family because it seemed like when one sport was over, I went over to the next sport. Now since we’re at home, I’m getting to spend more time with my little brother.During the regular school year, the only time I truly got to spend time with him was on the weekends. Now that we are social distancing, I find myself not talking to many people besides family and family friends.

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