A Teacher’s Perspective to Online Learning

By: Trista Lemin

Quarantine has schools, businesses, and most stores shut down. Some places can not have people on the streets, but education must go on. Tussey Mountain, like many other schools in the United States, is doing online schooling. Many students find it hard and many others find it easy, but what about the teacher’s perspective?  

Tussey Mountains’ “Voice of the Titans” and history teacher, Mr. Christopher Carrier, uses Canvas for all of his assignments for his students to continue learning facts about history. “ Every week I create assignments for my classes by uploading my existing presentations for the students to [take] notes and reference.  I am also uploading videos for students to watch and then answer questions or have a [virtual] discussion.” 

Even though Mr.Carrier misses teaching his student’s, he enjoys teaching online. “ While I certainly miss all of my students, I have enjoyed teaching online.  I still get to talk to my kids through email and canvas.  By jumping feet first into Canvas, I have discovered some really cool aspects of the site that I will most certainly be using next year.”

Being a teacher at this point in time is chaotic.  The one thing that Carrier does not us is Zoom, an online face to face virtual classroom. “Believe it or not, I am not good at Zoom. I get distracted too easily, but I would be willing to do one if my students needed it.” 

The online school idea has parents, students, and teachers all a wreck. Many student’s post on social media platforms about how they don’t like the online school. It has been a difficult transition for all, but by the end of the school year, students and teachers will be able to say they have successfully completed the fourth marking period.

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