The Tussey Mountain high school, middle school and pre-school School Picture Day will be Wednesday, September 23.

The senior retakes and retake date for the above-mentioned photos will be Oct. 21.

The elementary pictures at TM Elementary will be October 29.

Due to social distancing and any sanitizing needed by the photographers, this year’s photo sessions may take longer than usual. All students attending school in person will be called by the public address system to the new gymnasium to have their picture taken during the school day.

Due to the number of Tussey Mountain students enrolled in our virtual program, it has become necessary to schedule times for those students to enter the building to have their pictures taken. Any parent with siblings in various grades should pick ONE time slot to bring BOTH/ALL children.

ONLINE STUDENTS WILL ENTER (wearing masks) by the shop entrance and make their way to the new gym.  ONLINE STUDENTS WILL LEAVE through the gym doors to the parking lot.  Online students will not be permitted to roam the hallways.

8:10 am: Pre-School morning session

8:30 am: Grade 5 online students

9:00 am: Grade 6 online students

9:30 am: Grade 7 online students

10:00 am: Grade 8 online students

10:30 am: Grade 9 online students

11:00 am: Grade 10 online students

11:30 am: Grade 11 online students

12:15 pm: Pre-School afternoon session

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