Comparing Online Classes

By: Maranda Hess 

When comparing this year’s online program to last year’s in the spring, I would have to say that the program being used for the online students this year is put together better and a lot more organized. This year’s online students use Canvas, Edgenuity, and Study Island. Last year for our classes we did them on Canvas and through Zoom meetings. “Placing a summary of what we do in each class each day on the announcements section of Canvas makes it easier for students to see what work they have missed if they were absent. Some teachers upload PDF files so students can download them and print them,” explains English teacher Mrs. Amy Snyder.

The work this year is harder, but I think that also may be because of the year/grade change and doing my school from home too. This year I have a lot more assignments for my classes for the week, but one thing that does help is having a free Friday every other week. A free Friday gives online students the opportunity to work ahead, get caught up in classes, or take the day off.  I wouldn’t say online classes are more intense, though it is more work. If you really want to do well in your classes, you pay attention to the videos that are out there and do the readings and take notes as you go. 

 Students in school are also using computers. When asked if teachers were using online resources in case of a shutdown, Snyder explained, “Most teachers started this year showing their students how to navigate Canvas for each particular class. Students have learned where to find tests, review sheets, informative videos, and other activities teachers use.” 

A lot of people are wondering what the school is doing about assignments if someone is sick. Snyder says, “We are now placing most assignments on Canvas to make it more convenient for students who are missing school. This also helps to cut down the spread of germs because we are not sharing papers or books. Remember, if students are sick in any way (not just covid ) they are encouraged to stay home. While they are at home, they can use the email feature through Canvas to communicate with their teachers.”

Reports from the school administration show there have been recent COVID cases within the district.  This will impact the students attending face to face classes.  “We have all been working very hard to keep things clean and safe in the school,” says Snyder. “We want to stay in the school setting as long as possible. If there is another shut down, I feel confident that our students know how to keep working in Canvas.”

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