Challenges of Organizing TM Online

By: Tyler Lambing

Mrs. Browell has been teaching online since 2011 and she’s good at it, but this year Mrs. Browell has more online students than usual. Normally she would have around 20 online students, but now because of COVID-19 she has around 130 which brings a lot of problems having to manage them all on her own. When Ms. Jenkins, Mrs. Miller, and Mrs. Allison volunteered to help her out with the online students, of course she accepted. 

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Mrs. Browell conducts a Zoom call with a TM Online student. Photo Credit: Tyler Lambing

On a day to day basis, she checks attendance, looks to see who is behind or not online, gives students help with quizzes by emailing, messaging, or meeting them online. To find out if students need help or if they are not even doing their work, she uses to monitor them. Browell also checks to see if people are doing their physical education document, and she answers questions about technical issues.

Some problems she faces are the students not getting online, not doing enough work each day, and having difficulty passing tests. She cannot meet them face to face, so giving them instructions can be more difficult. She overcomes these challenges by using Zoom meetings, calling home, and if needed, having a 1 on 1, face to face meeting with masks of course. 

Mrs. Browell is so dedicated to helping the online students that she even works on weekends because it’s hard for her to get everything she needs to get done in a school week. “I am glad that we have been able to stay in school for 7 weeks and that most of the online students have been working daily and completing their work, while about 25% of them need to be more diligent in completing their class work.”  Browell goes on to explain, “online learning is not easy, but students can be successful if they put time into their work”.

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