The 2021 School Experience 

By Madi Mock

You might be wondering what school is like for someone doing online and someone  going in person. Two Tussey Mountain High School students shared their experiences learning. Nevin Pulcine, a ninth grader doing online school, said that he wanted stay to online because of the virus, ¨COVID-19 made me not want to do it, and you know I’m kinda glad I [stayed home] because they have a case,” Pulcine explains. While a ninth grade in-person student, Karlee Horton, said that she wanted to go in person to “see her friends and to socialize”. Pulcine stated that immediately he knew he wanted to be online, while Horton had thought for a while before deciding to attend in person. Both choices have pros and cons, depending what is more important to you. Only time will tell whose grades are better in the long run.

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