Preparing for school after COVID-19

By: Chloe Ritchey

Going back to school this year is different for everyone.  Some are going online for the first time while others are going back to school in person. Either way, this school year looks completely different than it did last year. Every student and staff member puts on a mask, there are now hand sanitizer stations in the hallways, and students can not sit directly beside each other.

Michael Ritchey applies hand sanitizer as he waits for the school bus

So how did the students of Tussey Mountain prepare for this year? Michael Ritchey grade 7 prepared physically by “buying new masks, stocking up on hand sanitizer and getting my computer set up for school.” All things that “I never had to do or even really think about doing until the pandemic hit,” Ritchey explains.  He also had to prepare himself mentally for how different this year would be. He did this by “reminding myself that everyone would have a mask on, and that the school is doing everything that it can to keep me and everyone safe.” Although school is a lot different this year, Ritchey felt well prepared and safe to go back. 

This year the number of in person students has decreased. Out of 572 students that are enrolled in Tussey Mountain middle and high school 138 of them are enrolled in online classes. 

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