Lucko Breaks Record

By: Chloe Ritchey

On Friday, October 19, 2020, Kaden Lucko, a senior, broke the Tussey Mountain record for yards rushing. For Kaden, breaking the record felt “great for myself and the whole team. I’m very thankful for my linemen and the opportunity to have my name in the record book.” 

Kaden Lucko breaks Tussey record for yards rushing.

The excitement was not just felt by Lucko. Nick Brumbaugh said, “It was amazing watching Kaden break the record, because I know how hard he has worked.It was a great accomplishment for our line the past three years to help him get that accomplishment.” The fans felt it too. According to the “Woo Man,” Bill Brown, it felt “amazing watching my grandson break the all-time rushing record at Tussey Mountain. It was just wonderful watching him play sports all throughout the years. Kaden’s ability to contribute to his teammates with such a humble character says a lot about who he is. He is a good kid. I am so proud of Kaden.”

“Woo Man,” Bill Brown cheers on the Titans as the loudest and proudest in the stands.

The “Woo Man” was one of the lucky few who got to attend some of the games. To Lucko he is a “die hard Tussey fan” and also happens to be his grandfather. The “Woo Man” went to every game. He would even sit across the road to watch the game when people were not allowed in the Dick Hess Stadium at Tussey Mountain High School. Even in that case you could still hear his cheers in the stadium. For Lucko, hearing “the cheers from the fans is what fuels the fire [of the game.]”

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