Struggle of work and school is real

By:  Mackenzie Droll

Once you turn sixteen you have more responsibilities.You are able to get your Pennsylvania Work Permit for Minors and a job. Many students get a job while in school. For some people it is easy but for others it is harder.  Calab Sopher, a junior, works at the Saxton Market along with Trenton Louthian, also a junior. Sopher and Louthian see something different about balancing school and their jobs. Sopher says, “Yes it is [hard to balance] because I go to the gym almost daily and trying to do homework is even more difficult when I get around 2 hours ‘til I got to go to bed.” Louthian thinks it is kind of hard. Sopher and Louthian both are packers at the Saxton Market. Both Louthian and Sopher have worked a job or two before working at the Market. “I have worked three jobs before this one,” says Sopher. Louthian says, “It’s my second job.” Sopher has been working since he was 15. 

Sopher has been working at the Saxton Market for almost three months, while Louthian has been working at the Saxton Market for a little over a month. Having a job and going to school at the same time is a lot of work. Some students struggle even when they are completing school online. Sopher and Louthian both go to school, which might be harder on them because they have to go to school for eight hours then work after school.

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