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Why Do Our Chromebooks Shut Down Randomly?

By: Paige Grove

At Tussey Mountain High School, students have been having problems with their Chromebooks. The computers would shut down randomly and students don’t know why. It’s been happening a lot to different students. Jeremy Jessie (IT Specialist) said,  “The common problem that  has happened to the Chromebooks was screen breaking.” He also said, “The main reason why the computers would shut down randomly is because most of the time they are not restarted, students would just close them instead of shutting them down.” After the Chromebook has been restarted and updated, most of the students haven’t had that problem anymore. If they do still have that problem with their computer it is probably because they just close the lid instead of turning it fully off. That could also be the reason why the Chromebook goes so slow. 

Mr. Jessie is kept busy by fixing the Chromebooks.Ten students per day come to Jeremy Jessie about their computer problems. Jessie said “If the screen or keyboard is broken it takes like 10 minutes to fix, but if it’s other issues it takes a day or two to fix.” 

Mr. Jessie also said he wished the students would take care of their Chromebooks like it’s a device they paid for. Some of the kids act like if they didn’t pay for it, they don’t have to take good care of it. If it was to break for some reason because of something they did, they would have to pay for it. “They should take better care of it,” says Mr. Jessie, so they don’t have to pay for it. It would be a win/win for Mr. Jessie and the students.

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