Dance the Night Away

By: Tyler Lambing

Every year Tussey Mountain holds a fundraiser dance called Homecoming. This year on October
15, 2022, from 7-10 P.M., the sophomore class held Homecoming. Senior Kaitlyn Lashinsky says,
“Homecoming is a yearly dance, for the senior high, where we all get to dress up and go dance the night
away with our friends.”

Jayven Ritchey (12) and Kaitlyn Lashinsky (12) show off their crowns after being crowned king and queen. 

At its core, Homecoming is a fundraiser to raise money for one of the senior high classes.
Lashinsky says, “Whatever class sets it up, plans it, buys the snacks and everything like that gets the

Every year during Homecoming there is a competition where students vote for a king and a queen. This year five people ran for each category. The queen candidates were Kaitlyn Lashinsky, Alayna Clark, Camryn Duvall, Braelynn Williams, and Brooke Horton. The king candidates were Jayven Ritchey, Jaden Yochum, J.T. Kormanski, Nevin Hinkel, and Kelden Traxler. The winners were Jayven Ritchey and Kaitlyn Lashinsky.

Lashinsky declares, “I actually thought Brooke Horton was going to win because she is the kindest soul. I love her and she does a lot for our school.” Even though Lashinsky thought she wasn’t going to win she states, “I felt a sense of acceptance because [the voters] are your fellow classmates and you always want to be liked and know that you’re doing something good for the school, so I real I like that everyone else thinks I’m like that too.”

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