Preparing For the Game 

By: Vanessa Clark

The Titan athletes have many things they do before every game. The things they do could prevent injury or help them perform better during the game.

Many athletes prepare in many different ways. Some athletes might have had a previous injury that they need to make sure is wrapped such as wrapping a wrist a couple of times, or they wear a brace. They might do this so they don’t hurt it again. Athletes that have had injuries during the season might have to wear something to support it during the game when they are allowed to go back. Freshman Basketball player Brianna Gabrielson says, “many of my teammates wear ankle braces for more stability. It’s definitely an overlooked asset in performing your best.” 

Titan Junior Josh Williams warms up before his wrestling match against Huntingdon.

Most of the time teammates witness the injuries. It affects the whole team when a player gets injured. Freshman Basketball player Abygale Morningstar says, “Injuries can [affect] a small team. It can cause you to only play with the amount you need, and that can be a problem in different situations.”

Some athletes just prepare through practice. They might have certain routines that they do before a game. They might practice for the same amount of time before the game.  Some players might just take a minute to themselves before the game. This could be to think about things they will do or clear their mind so they can focus on the game. Morningstar says, “I will sit down and take a moment to breathe and get myself ready for the game.” Others could think about why they play and think about what they are there to do. Gabrielson says, “Before every game I make it a point to acknowledge and spend a few minutes with my family members who are there to watch me. I think for me it’s just a way to remind myself who I’m playing for, and it also makes me feel a little extra grateful for the opportunities I’m given. I like to talk about the game and what my goals are for this specific night.”

Many athletes do things to prepare themselves before a game to help them play better. Every athlete is different so they all will tell you different ways to prepare for a game

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