Art Show Expresses Student Creativity at TMHS

BY: Tyler Lambing

Tussey Mountain students make waves in the art world. On Tuesday, February 7 2023, Changes In The Parkway (CHIP) and the art department came together to host the second annual art show at the Saxton Community Library.

The art show’s primary goal is to show off students’ talent. The high school art teacher Mr. Adam Baughman states “CHIP donates the food and money, the library donates the space [for it to be held] and [the art department] brings the art work. We also provide the ceramics to sell to make a little bit of money that we usually try to split between CHIP, the library and the art department.”

This year not only did the art department sell their art and ceramics but they also allowed Mr. Neil Smith to sell some of his woodworking projects to help with woodshop material funding. They even had some artwork from the elementary school. This year, the art department made about $125 from selling their ceramics and the woodshop made $25.

This year roughly 70 students participated in the art show which is more than last year. One of these 70 is sophomore Christiahna Bollinger. She states “I think it was fun. It kind of helped me get out more.” Bollinger sold some of her paintings and ceramics making a total of $60. Bollinger states, “I think [other students] should [participate in the art show]. It was really fun.” 

Baughman states the art department plans on doing the art show again next year to show off the talent of the students and to give them an outlet to display their work.

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