Distinguished Alumni Recognized for His Achievements

By: Tyler Lambing

Since 2008 Tussey Mountain has given an award to one or two distinguished alumni. This year that award went to a journalist, Ron Morgan. Morgan was part of the first class that graduated from Tussey Mountain High School in 1965. After graduation, he attended Penn State University. Morgan’s main reason for speaking to the juniors and seniors was to educate and hopefully light a fire in the younger generation, making them interested in not just the history of the Broad Top area, but about history in general.  

Ron Morgan: Tussey Mountain Distinguished Alum

Morgan has dedicated a large part of his life to helping keep the history and spirit of the Broad Top alive. He has been president of the Broad Top Area Coal Miners Society since 1990. His passion for the history of the Broad Top and especially of the East Broad Top Railroad has led to a resurgence in public interest in the important historical landmarks here in Bedford and Huntingdon counties. Morgan has written several books based on the Broad Top area’s history.

You may know Morgan from his work with the many local journalistic publications such as the Broad Top Bulletin, which he started writing for in 1962, Bedford County Press, Bedford Gazette, including the Shoppers Guide, and the Huntingdon Daily News where he has been employed for 53 years. 

Photo Credit: Tyler Lambing

In addition to journalism, Morgan is a United States military veteran, having served in the Army during the Vietnam Era. In recognition of his service, Morgan received a Quilt of Military Valor in 2001. This quilt is awarded to veterans who served in a war. This quilt is only awarded to people nominated for their selfless service to the country. 

Morgan’s speech taught Tussey Mountain students not just about the importance of history, but he inspired the students to try their best to make their own mark on history. 

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