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The Floods of the Tussey Mountain School District

By: Shelby Lear In September 2021 Hurricane Sam started 380 miles south-southeast of Bermuda. The aftermath was close enough to the Tussey Mountain School District that students were affected by the flood that occurred in the aftermath of the hurricane.  When the aftermath of the hurricane hit, students […]

Struggle of work and school is real

By:  Mackenzie Droll Once you turn sixteen you have more responsibilities.You are able to get your Pennsylvania Work Permit for Minors and a job. Many students get a job while in school. For some people it is easy but for others it is harder.  Calab Sopher, a junior, […]

A Brand New Soldier

By: Ruthie Saylor There are a number of people who consider joining the military. Caleb Sopher is one of those people. He was the first junior to join the U.S. military reserves in all of the United States this year. To achieve this, he had to go to […]

The 2021 School Experience 

By Madi Mock You might be wondering what school is like for someone doing online and someone  going in person. Two Tussey Mountain High School students shared their experiences learning. Nevin Pulcine, a ninth grader doing online school, said that he wanted stay to online because of the […]

Comparing Online Classes

By: Maranda Hess  When comparing this year’s online program to last year’s in the spring, I would have to say that the program being used for the online students this year is put together better and a lot more organized. This year’s online students use Canvas, Edgenuity, and […]

Coping with Change

By:  Alivia Melius Staying home calls for staying positive. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and students at Tussey Mountain are learning to cope with the social changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many students have taken on new hobbies during social distancing to keep themselves busy. “I’ve always […]

A Teacher’s Perspective to Online Learning

By: Trista Lemin Quarantine has schools, businesses, and most stores shut down. Some places can not have people on the streets, but education must go on. Tussey Mountain, like many other schools in the United States, is doing online schooling. Many students find it hard and many others […]

The Faculty Prom

While our current Juniors and Seniors look forward to an opportunity to get dressed up for the prom, the Tussey Mountain Faculty decided to look back in time. This is a time without cell phones, photo previews, filters, and above all the ability to edit.

A Freshman’s Concerns during Social Distancing

By: Colton Bishop Since March 13 the Tussey Mountain students have been dealing with not seeing their friends, riding the bus, driving to school, and being at practice for their spring sport. Dealing with self distancing can be hard, knowing that you want to go out and spend […]