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Flex Day Vs. Snow Day

By: Ruthie Saylor Would you rather have a flex day or a snow day? This can be a controversial question among students. Tussey Mountain has experienced three days off of school due to weather this school year. Two of these days were snow days and one of these […]

Dance the Night Away

By: Tyler Lambing Every year Tussey Mountain holds a fundraiser dance called Homecoming. This year on October15, 2022, from 7-10 P.M., the sophomore class held Homecoming. Senior Kaitlyn Lashinsky says,“Homecoming is a yearly dance, for the senior high, where we all get to dress up and go dance […]

A Change in PRIDE

by Tyler Lambing This year there have been many changes to the PRIDE program to promote positive behavior among the Tussey Mountain student body.  The PRIDE team constantly strives to improve and change the program to help students. This year they gave the program a complete revamp, getting […]

Who Done It?

By: Ruthie Saylor Forensics class is a relatively new class offered at Tussey Mountain. The class originated two years ago and was started with Brittany Buterbaugh and Sarah Elder. They both expressed interest in forensic science and decided to start the class. Now the class is run solely […]

woman in white shirt showing frustration

Why Do Our Chromebooks Shut Down Randomly?

By: Paige Grove At Tussey Mountain High School, students have been having problems with their Chromebooks. The computers would shut down randomly and students don’t know why. It’s been happening a lot to different students. Jeremy Jessie (IT Specialist) said,  “The common problem that  has happened to the […]

Bathroom “Breaks”

By: Amelia Dibert Tussey Mountain students were left baffled by bathroom closures at the high school. Following the destruction of a sink in the middle school hall bathroom, students wondered if these two events could be correlated. Also in question was if this act of vandalism was part […]

woman in white shirt showing frustration

Is Change Really Necessary?

By: Amelia Dibert Sapphire Software, a virtual gradebook, recently updated their site, and this change has been met with mixed reviews. However, students’ responses have been mostly negative with 44.7% of questionnaire respondents saying that they did not like the new update, and only 36.8% of respondents saying […]

Tussey Continues Hybrid Schedule

Dear Parents, The State of Pennsylvania has set new rules for schools in order for them to remain open. These rules will be in place for the foreseeable future. The rules set limits on infection numbers in all school buildings based upon a 14 day rolling average. That […]


A Message from Dr. Shoemake Dear Parents, Now that the holidays are over, I know that everyone is anxious to get back to school. We have been carefully monitoring infection levels in our own school community as well as the infections in the larger area with an eye […]