Struggle of work and school is real

By:  Mackenzie Droll Once you turn sixteen you have more responsibilities.You are able to get your Pennsylvania Work Permit for Minors and a job. Many students get a job while in school. For some people it is easy but for others it is harder.  Calab Sopher, a junior, […]

Lucko Breaks Record

By: Chloe Ritchey On Friday, October 19, 2020, Kaden Lucko, a senior, broke the Tussey Mountain record for yards rushing. For Kaden, breaking the record felt “great for myself and the whole team. I’m very thankful for my linemen and the opportunity to have my name in the […]

A Brand New Soldier

By: Ruthie Saylor There are a number of people who consider joining the military. Caleb Sopher is one of those people. He was the first junior to join the U.S. military reserves in all of the United States this year. To achieve this, he had to go to […]

Preparing for school after COVID-19

By: Chloe Ritchey Going back to school this year is different for everyone.  Some are going online for the first time while others are going back to school in person. Either way, this school year looks completely different than it did last year. Every student and staff member […]

The 2021 School Experience 

By Madi Mock You might be wondering what school is like for someone doing online and someone  going in person. Two Tussey Mountain High School students shared their experiences learning. Nevin Pulcine, a ninth grader doing online school, said that he wanted stay to online because of the […]

Challenges of Organizing TM Online

By: Tyler Lambing Mrs. Browell has been teaching online since 2011 and she’s good at it, but this year Mrs. Browell has more online students than usual. Normally she would have around 20 online students, but now because of COVID-19 she has around 130 which brings a lot […]

A Socially Distanced Cafeteria

By: Ruthie Saylor This new year is full of all new obstacles and challenges. One of these is the social distancing policies in the lunch room. In this new year all students must socially distance in the cafeteria. This is because of the Covid-19 outbreak last spring. The […]

Comparing Online Classes

By: Maranda Hess  When comparing this year’s online program to last year’s in the spring, I would have to say that the program being used for the online students this year is put together better and a lot more organized. This year’s online students use Canvas, Edgenuity, and […]


The Tussey Mountain high school, middle school and pre-school School Picture Day will be Wednesday, September 23. The senior retakes and retake date for the above-mentioned photos will be Oct. 21. The elementary pictures at TM Elementary will be October 29. Due to social distancing and any sanitizing […]

Mask Mandate Update

DR. JERRY SHOEMAKE TUESDAY, AUGUST 18, 2020 Dear Parents: Yesterday at 2:30 we received new guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. I have attached the e-mail we received that now requires all students to wear masks for the entire time they are in school. This represents a […]