Titan Hype Spurs Spirit

By: Ruthie Saylor Titan Hype is back at Tussey Mountain for the 2023-24 school year.  Juniors Laney Brumbaugh and Barret Brode brought a new club idea to Mrs. Mallow, asking if a group of students could become “like a student section at a college sporting event.” Mrs. Mallow […]

Hershberger Shows Dedication

By: Brandon Pickeral Mrs. Hershberger was chosen for her patience for teacher appreciation at Tussey Mountain High School. When students mess around and are throwing stuff around not listening, Hershberger takes her time and makes sure to understand the situation before giving them consequences. For example, students in […]

Bomb Threat Interrupts Classes

By: Ruthie Saylor On September 20th, Tussey Mountain High School was evacuated after the school’s board members received a bomb threat email. Several other schools nationwide had also received similar threats last week and none were found to be real.   As soon as the emails were received by […]

Distinguished Alumni Recognized for His Achievements

By: Tyler Lambing Since 2008 Tussey Mountain has given an award to one or two distinguished alumni. This year that award went to a journalist, Ron Morgan. Morgan was part of the first class that graduated from Tussey Mountain High School in 1965. After graduation, he attended Penn […]

Titans Accept the Challenge 

By: Vanessa Clark The Challenge Program came to Tussey Mountain High School Wednesday September, 20th, 2023. This is an organization that helps motivate and reward students for their hard work. This program has five different categories and for each category one junior and one senior is rewarded.   This […]

Art Show Expresses Student Creativity at TMHS

BY: Tyler Lambing Tussey Mountain students make waves in the art world. On Tuesday, February 7 2023, Changes In The Parkway (CHIP) and the art department came together to host the second annual art show at the Saxton Community Library. The art show’s primary goal is to show […]

Flex Day Vs. Snow Day

By: Ruthie Saylor Would you rather have a flex day or a snow day? This can be a controversial question among students. Tussey Mountain has experienced three days off of school due to weather this school year. Two of these days were snow days and one of these […]

Bocce Team Embraces Inclusivity at TMHS

By: Tyler Lambing Cheers could be heard from the opponents teams at the scrimmage with Huntingdon, when the Titans scored a point at the newly formed Bocce match. It is rare for the other team to cheer on their rival, but in Bocce that’s what it is all […]